Preview: Sun 30th & Mon 31st May 2021 – Spring Bank Holiday Double Bill

Preview: Sun 30th & Mon 31st May 2021 – Spring Bank Holiday Double Bill

Welcome to the scene folks and back to Mendips Raceway, albeit a bit later than we all expected ! The doors are open - come on in!

It was the 1908 London Olympics which saw the marathon moved an extra 385 yards to suit the King’s viewing pleasure. We as fans, drivers and promoters have been through a COVID marathon, so a few more yards won’t hurt us. Hopefully it will be plain sailing from here on in. 6 formulae over 2 days in a rare bank holiday with racing this year!!


BriSCA F2 

So a first time out in the hills for Europe’s biggest oval formula and after two fault starts, we will finally see the F2’s down the Mendip hills again! Interest has been busy and with it also being a world championship qualifying round and still being early season, lots of new cars and drivers to inspect. Our list of drivers is led by the silver roofed Luke Wrench (560) and last year’s top point scorer Jon Palmer (24). Former World, European and British champion Chris Burgoyne (647) leads a small Scottish invasion and with a first appearance here since the 2018 World Final. Skegness is the venue for the world final this year and the Fun Coast is popular venue with fans and drivers alike. Some new faces out in the track today include former National Saloon English Champion Kieren Bradford (27) and Lauren Stack (928), grand-daughter of the infamous Kevin. There are also welcome returns for Ian England (398) and Tommy Farrell (667) complete with candy red livery.  


A second time out and first in front of people for the youngsters and with it being the first day of school, some were a little race rusty, especially when it came to rules. Jake Ralfs (28) leads the points in his very much old school mini and proof that when it comes to great handling car there’s nothing better than a Mini! Dylan McDermott (36) also had a good day too, both of them heading to first time red top. Lewis Allan (311) capped a good day with a win in the final and superstar status to boot. Fresh from his impressive display in the final last time Charlie Cocks (162) rises to a first time blue.  


The rookies are back for their first time since their West of England championship. Usual suspects lining up for race action include Ryan Hall (99), the always trying Darren Willis (126), junior rod graduate Jacob Filer (17) and the always rapid Jake Bond (743). Also check the rolling lap, just in case couple Big Mac (440) and Abbie Deeprose (962) are holding hands. Although the last time they raced together – Big Mac obliterated his missus – tears before bedtime there! 

177 Chris Maters. White
194 Luke Johnston White
660 Becky Pearce White
727 Tom Gatton White
734 Glen Saunders White
762 Mike Cocks White
928 Lauren Stack White

Yellow Grade
27 Kieran Bradford Yellow
398 Ian England Yellow
746 Gary Kitchen Yellow
844 Jack Prosser Yellow
915 Jamie Jones Yellow
976 Dan Kent Yellow

Blue Grade
195 Micheal Phillips Blue
251 Craig Driscoll Blue
287 Luke Beeson Blue
315 Justin Fisher Blue
325 Ryan Sheahan Blue
578 Mark Gibbs Blue
689 Joe Marquand Blue
736 Josh Weare Blue
787 Ollie Hertzog Blue
801 Jack Cave Blue
828 Julian Coombes. Blue
895 Ben Goddard Blue
979 Dan Moss Blue

Red Grade
16 Craig Wallace Red
86 Jess Ward Red
101 Kelvyn Marshall Red
126 Jamie Avery Red
127 Matt Stoneman Red
210 Tristan Clayton Red

324 Jordan Thackra Red
527 James Riggall Red
581 Daniel Fallows Red
606 Andrew Palmer Red
890 Paul Rice Red
992 Harley Burns Red

Super Star Grade
24 Jon Palmer S/S
38 Dave Polley S/S
182 Charlie Guinchard S/S
647 Chris Burgoyne S/S
783 James Rygor S/S

British Champion
542 Steve Gilbert British Champion

National Series Champion
560 Luke Wrench Silver.

8 George Jenkins
10 Archie Devine
26 Harry Melville
28 Jake Ralfs
36 Dylan McDermott
149 Ieuan Preston
162 Charlie Cocks
84 Callum Preston
190 Thomas Gumbleton
236 Alfie Brimble
258 Riley Brimble
286 Katie Wigman
311 Lewis Allen
314 Max Barraclough
428 Ellie Murray
429 Tristan Heathcote
610 Alfie Murray
856 Jamie Cocks

6 Danny Greening
11 James Hooper
13 Aaron Brown
17 Jacob Filer
21 Brad Worthington
31 Liam Shipway
70 Jamie Thomas
99 Ryan Hall
102 Max Williams
111 Tom Ruby
113 Chrissy Jeanes
116 Joey Sutton
126 Darren Willis
133 Jody Jeanes
144 Ashton Worthington
154 Joe Odhams
218 Kevin Plunkett
270 Shaun Baker
279 Mason Thomas
298 Dave Greening
328 Mark Trump
366 Pete Warren
372 Tom Cambridge
440 Macauley Mills
527 Will Darch
595 Ben Wall
743 Jake Bond
771 Mark Trott
773 Glynn Trott
800 John Picton
852 Ryan Hughes
888 Alex Knight
908 Dave Brown
916 Robert James
962 Abbie Deeprose



First time out for our rapidly growing non contact formula. First up is a Dash for Cash – a way of recompense for the incorrect West of England grid. Sadly Race Controls abacus is solar powered and therefore in the night meeting it failed us. So drivers will line up for this race as they should have on Halloween with the added incentive of a winner takes all prize as an addition to the regular races! West of England champion Les Brice (700) leads the attack, along with usual favourites Dene Howard (41) and Dan Latimer (720) Former Junior Rodder Thomas Weeks (100) makes the big step up to Specials and more known for bangers Pete Stanley (40) and Beth Stevenson (61) also make their race debuts. 


Then the day is finished off with the heavy mix of caravans and robins – a sea of fibreglass awaits! But before the wobble box distraction its some “normal” races. Rumour has it that Race Manager and self proclaimed legend Jack Bunter (128) might be making an appearance on the raceways, wobbling his way around – and racing too! Tom Weeks (100) is also double shifting and is a bit of expert of roofing it!


Family saloons are the choice of weapon as 2 litres of the banger world converge on the raceway. Firm fan favourites Boogie (252) and Roona (262) lead the entry along with World Champ Big Mac (440). Kenny Joe Gabriel (720) is always in the thick of it as is Tom Ruby (111). Expect action from Chaz (333) and Slug (270).  

So to next time, and it’s our Midsummer Madness Weekender with Back 2 Basic bangers over both days with all our domestic formula on show too! Should be a beautiful weekend – that’s jinxed it! With all things considered please keep an eye on the socials and if there are any last minute changes required due to government guidelines. 

Cheers n gone 


10 Jerry Weeks
51 Sid Harrison
100 Thomas Weeks
119 Stacey Howe
128 Jack Bunter
272 Mitch Turley
514 Luke Lodge

Special Rods
26 Leah Bennett
40 Pete Stanley
41 Dene Howard
43 Andy Howard
44 Sam Howard
46 Angie Harris

47 Richard Howard
60 Tom Bristow
61 Beth Stevenson
62 Bobby Hewlett
100 Thomas Weeks
120 Andy Latimer
175 Kevin Oliver
181 Ian McLaren
275 Jack Buckingham
278 Andrew Bressington
303 Jason Oliver
517 Scott Weldon
720 Dan Latimer
768 Joe Delahay

2L Nationals
111 Tom Ruby
154 Joe Odhams
252 Steven Bugler
262 Rob Bugler
270 Shaun Baker
264 Shane Jennings
333 Charlie Randell
440 Macauley Mills (World Champion)
527 Will Darch
714 Paul Smaldon
720 Kenny-Joe Gabriel
742 Morgan Galley
743 Jake Bond
799 Tom Pearce
908 Dave Brown
962 Brad Deeprose

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